mercredi 31 octobre 2018

C'est bon d'être de retour! (Br)

Hi everyone!

So, here I am back again.
From now on, I wil automatically publish two versions of each article : one in French, the other one in English. I will signal in the title what version it is : (Fr) for the French and (Br) for the English (for even more clarity, I will also put this sign in the tags!)

And what's new, then?
Well, nothing new, really. I had to take some time for my job, and I wanted to enjoy more time painting and playing (as much as I could, two of  our regular players have gone their own way. One to Valence, and the other one top Figeac (that's repectively in the South and in the South-West of France ;) ), and so I wanted to enjoy more time with them than spending on the blog while they were still here).
Woaw, actually, there is a lot of news! We tested and discovered several new games, and fell for some new crushes!
Among those, some were more remarquable than others and not all are miniatures wargaming for real (Scythe, I'm looking at you. This is more of a boardgame with a few pretty figures than a real miniatures wargame, but it almost got me into buying it. One of our players has it, so I don't need to buy it, but it was reaaaally tempting!), but miniature wargaming prevailed! Rogue Stars, Dracula's America, Malifaux as always but also Gangs of Rome, Test of Honour and even kill Team (back to 40K, who would have thought? More on that later!)
That, and quite a lot of painting! (Among the good news : I've finally finished painting the 1914 foot soldier I had promised to my uncle for a long time...)

Well, I'll tell you more about all this in the weeks to come. I hope I can cling to a weekly rythm of writing, in French and English. And since you might have guessed from the "trailer" I published recently, I'm going to give you a huge Battle report under the shape of an illustrated novel for our "Rogue Stars" Campaign. I've decided to let go on this one and give you our campaign in the shape of a novel with some pictures of the most intense moments in the games, each game being a chapter of the novel.

Now, see you soon, in English or in French, with figures and figures (and more figures!)

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