dimanche 22 octobre 2017

C'est la rentrée!!!

Bonjour à tous!

A little word, first, to let you know I haven't let down my blog, but that since September, I've been a tiny bit busy, and haven't taken anytime at all to publish some more stuff on my blog, nor on the Chronicles' page either...
Well, this is about to be remedied to.... The first article to come is about a the biggest French Convention in the Eastern part of France, called the Octogônes and taking place in Lyon. Some FRench friends were quite satisfied with waht I had done with the Salute, and asked me to do the same with this French event. Since I think this event isn't that reallyy important to my English-speaking readers (after all, some of you are all the way from the US or Russia and don"t speak French for the major part, so I'll publish this article in French only...
The next articles to come are tutorials. I've recently come to buy stuf from the excellent american webshop Gadzook Gamings, and I have to admit I was quite satisfied with my order there. The crystals I ordered there (for Rogue Stars) had a bit of success on the Facebook group "The Terrain Tutor Terrainiacs" (yes, definitely something to do with Mel, the one and only cracking Terrain Tutor!!!), so I thought I would publish a tutorial on how I used them to create some terrain for my outdoors table board for Rogue Stars. This tutorial will be first published in English, but since some French people asked me to how I had done the small terrain pieces, I'll publish a French version of the article a short while afterwards.
I've not been entirely satisfied with my facebook page for our battle reports about Malifaux, so I'll start publishing battle reports here again, but this time, they'll be in English, and, hopefully, on a more regular basis...
I'm also planning on publishing a little series of painting tutorials abou the figures from my favourite games, so get prepared to get some painting tips. I'm not pretending to be a wonderful painter, here... But since some people seem to be happy with my painting, and some are even asking for advice, I've decided to published what I consider to be of some help for beginners or people who would be satisfied with some humble, nothing fancy, painting for gaming level... I insist this is not some Crystal Brush nor Golden Demon Material I'm offering you there... Just some method on how to paint a few models so that your gaming table looks a tad bit more than a prototype covered in gray plastic miniatures... Do not expect some Mike McVey nor any Carrasco skills. More like waht you need to make believe you're a correct painter... This series will see some Malifaux, but also some Rogue Stars.
A word on this game, by the way. I've mentionned it before a few times, and you'll see me mentionning it, alongside the "In Her Majesty's Name" game. Since I've put 40k on the side, I've missed some Sci-fi game (I mean, I really, really love Malifaux, I still need my dose of Sci-fi miniatures wargaming...), and I thought that this Osprey game rule might be a perfect way to get my Sci-Fi fix once in a while... I just love the game, so expect some articles on a kind or another in the near future, wether it be under the form of bat-rep, painting tutorials or terrain-making articles. I might even offer you my home-made rules to play a narrative campaign in a short-while ;)

And since I've been buying some new stuff recently, I'll also publish a little series of "open-the-box" or "review" series of article to help you decide if you cshould buy this or that item you've been yearning for, for your gaming table, whether it be a game, a figure, a piece of terrain or even a full game!!!

Well, that's it for now, see you very soon with some true articles about miniature wargaming!!!

He? What? Minis?
Naaah! Let me take a nap first!!!!!!!!!!

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