vendredi 7 juillet 2017

Somewhere in Malifaux...

... a lot of things happen!
Tonight won't see any new article, but a series (well... At least one... I have a datacard ful of pictures to crop up...) of Battle Reports of my latest games of Malifaux with my two regular players.
As I might have told you a few months ago, I've stopped publishing my Malifaux Batreps here. I'm using a Facebook page called "Chronicles of Breach Fighters".
You can find it here (well, obsiously you need a FB account...) :

Chronicles of Breach Fighters

A couple of things you might find there : since I'm not a huge fan of verbiose battle reports, It's mainly pictures (some of them ok, some of them almost if not totally crapy... Sorry for that!). I know I can manage to produce some quite literary bat reps ( Ramos Vs Seamus is a good example... in French...), but it takes too much time which I don't have... So mainly pictures. I always try to set a mood, though...
Maybe I could produce some videos, too, instead of this, but I find it a bit awkward (and sometimes boring...) to spend an hour and a half watching two guys pushing minis around on a board, and commenting on what they're doing... Only a handful of people achieve the feat of making it quite a thing to follow ( Ash Barker is one of the few who succeed in making it a great watch!). So, no videos!

Well, here we are! I'm on my way to crop up those pics and preparing some Malifaux action for you!
See you on the other side of the Breach, let's just hope no bad things happen (but in Malifaux, BAD THINGS HAPPEN!!!!)

P.S. : I've posted a little survey, here, on the right-hand top corner of your screen. Please, let me know if you'd be interested in this kind of articles...

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